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Publisher cannot open file

So currently I am running QV9 SR6 and I am planning on going production this weekend.  Unfortunately, some of the applications aren't reloading properly and I'm not sure why.  When I open up the log file from the applications that aren't reloading properly I am getting the following 4 lines:

/26/2011 4:00:15 PM:       Error: Cannot open file

5/26/2011 4:00:15 PM:       General Script Error

5/26/2011 4:00:15 PM:       Execution Failed

5/26/2011 4:00:15 PM:      Execution finished.

I tried giong through the publisher logs and I get the following few lines:

2011-05-26 16:00:15) Information: Found a document log. FileName=\\NYCMDASP0119\Q_Data$\PRD\NAPack\NAPack.qvw.log

(2011-05-26 16:00:15) Information: Writing documentLog to \\NYCMDASP0119\Q_Data$\Datasource\QDS\1\Log\20110526\160010 - 1. NAPack Reload\DocumentLog.txt

(2011-05-26 16:00:15) Error: The Source Document was NOT reloaded successfully. DocumentPath=\\NYCMDASP0119\Q_Data$\PRD\NAPack\NAPack.qvw.

(2011-05-26 16:00:16) Information: Reloading.

(2011-05-26 16:00:16) Error: Aborting Reload. Error=QDSMain.TaskResult

(2011-05-26 16:00:16) Information: Initializing Reload (0), Finished (1155)

(2011-05-26 16:00:16) Error: Reload failed.

(2011-05-26 16:00:16) Information: Closing the document.

(2011-05-26 16:00:16) Information: Closed the QlikView Engine successfully. ProcessID=24916

(2011-05-26 16:00:16) Information: Initializing (0), Finished (250)

(2011-05-26 16:00:16) Error: Reload failed. Distribution skipped.

(2011-05-26 16:00:16) Error: The task "1. NAPack Reload" failed. ErrorCount=4

(2011-05-26 16:00:16) Information: Sending Alert Mail to

Not sure what excatly is causing this problem.

Any help will be great thanks.


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Publisher cannot open file

Hi Sam,

Make sure you have selected the option "Close When Finish" in the reload window


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Publisher cannot open file

Hey Gabriela,

     I'm sorry but can you be a bit more specific, I'm not sure where that option is located.


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Publisher cannot open file

Open your application with the QlikView Desktop Client, when you reload the file a window appears, the option is at the bottom left of this window.


Hope this helps!

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Publisher cannot open file

Gabriela, can you post the full document log? I don't believe publisher is showing enough info to troubleshoot this.