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Publisher .pdf Report not showing data correctly

Hi Guys,

I've got an issue with Qlikview Publisher not exporting tables correctly in a report to pdf. It works fine when i export through the desktop or web browser, however, it doesn't work when using publisher to export.

I have a table (shown below) which calculates correctly through client and web browser, however, the "Purch last Year" columns show as 0 when exported to .pdf but ONLY through publisher;


I'm guessing it's to do with how i've set the report up so i'll explain.

Total Items Purch. is simply:      Sum([Quantity Invoiced])

Total Items Purch. Last Year uses set analysis:     Sum({$<[Order Date] = {">=$(=date(addyears(vMinOrderDate,-1)))<=$(=date(addyears(vMaxOrderDate,-1)))"}, Year=, [Week Number]=, Month=>}[Quantity Invoiced])

where vMinOrderDate = min([Order Date])

and vMaxOrderDate =max([Order Date])

The "Month" field is how users select the date range and is made from MonthName([Order Date]) so they have to select the month and year.

Next is where i believe i may be going wrong.

I need this report to reload monthly on the 1st with the just previous month's data.As a result, I've built a dynamic bookmark and referenced publisher to loop and reduce based on it.


The bookmark works how i want it to in the client and web browser but when run through publisher, the Last Years figures for all columns show 0.


Can someone help? Is there a better way to dynamically select the previous month each month?