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Publisher "Category" - Best practice?


What is best practice for usage of Publishers Category?

I have 300 tasks in my Publisher. Each task is possible to mark with one Category. This category is displayed in the overview of Management Console. The category is visible for end users in the Control Panel.

I was first building up a category system that was related to bussiness area. All reloads and distribution regarding Sales was marked with Category "Sales".

This was showing up as a great tree view in Publisher Management Console, but only if the first task in the tree was "independent" of other tasks, (scheduled or without trigger, or triggered by multiple tasks)

For some technical reasons in my environment, many of my "first nodes" in Publisher (in my business areas cateogies) have to be depending on one single reload job that has to be completed successfully.

When doing this, all my bussiness area tree view in publisher is meessed up, since in Management Console, a task is always structured "below" its depending tasks category, for obvious reasons. So basically, Im questioning if the Categori should at all be used for creating a good overview in Publisher, perhaps it should be kept only for end users in the control panel?

What is the recomendation, how did you build up publisher categories?

Best Regards

Robert Svebeck

Svebeck Consulting AB
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