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QMC for Cluster

I have installed a cluster with two qvs on two machines and one publisher on dedicated machine like architecture bellow :

- machine 1 : qv server + qv management service + qv directory service +  qvws

- machine 2 : qv server + qv management service + qv directory service +  qvws

- machine 3 : qv distribution service + qv management service

therefor, i have 3 QMC for 3 machines.

the problem, is when I create a task in QMC1, the task is not visible in the QMC2 and QMC3.

the same, the history of launshed tasks on QMC1 is not visible in the two other qmc.

in this configuration, each qv management service have its own repository QVPR.

I don't know if I can use the same QVPR for the three qv management services by sharing it on remote shared storage.

my question is :

How can I configure the three qv management services so I can have 3 identic QMCs

and then eachtime i create a task on QMC1 it will be replicated and visible in QMC2/3 ?

thanks for your help.

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The best practice for clustering or any multiple server (machine) environment is the manage everything with one QMC.  A single QMC will manage both your QVS server cluster and your QDS (Publisher).   Why do you see the necessity for three QMCs?

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The architecture was choosen like this to provide high availability of all platform objects. so, for exemple, if one of the two QVS machines is down, its QMC will not be accessible and we must use the other QMC of the other qvs machine. but, currently, when we create tasks via the QMC1 these tasks don't appear in QMC2.

That's why I'm looking for a manner to configure the QV management services to have the identic QMCs and to have synchronised QMCs.

I don't know if I can share the same repository (QVPR folder) for the three QMCs as well as it contains all tasks informations and history of scheduled tasks, etc...?

if it is, is it possible to use simultanusly two QMCs that share the same QVPR folder (repository)?.

Thanks a lot