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QMC task failure with general script error


Can anyone suggest what could be the reason behind the general script error for the task failure and possible solution.

Issue persisted when a qvd was being stored to the repository. Looked into the possible reason being where there might be a situation that the qvd was locked (meaning another process might be using the same qvd or performing any activity) which is not.

The error from the document log shows the error:general script error right after a qvd being stored process execution.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: QMC task failure with general script error

Have you made sure that the path is correct and is not just read only? May try to bring the path by adding the qvd again into the application and copy paste the path into your store statement so that there are no errors in the path also.

Re: QMC task failure with general script error


There could be many reason for this.

Before your store statement. write below command;

sleep 5000;

Store abc int abc.qvd.

Let me know if that worked.



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Re: QMC task failure with general script error


do the user who runs the qvd script has write permision to the folder where you place the qvd file?

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Re: QMC task failure with general script error


The refresh process is thru a task on the publisher and yes the repository wherever the qvd is to be stored the QV has access to read/write.

The task failed once then after the next refresh everything seems to be fine. Even this morning the task refreshed successfully.

I agree to the point that this is a generic error, any help on this to identify the cause would be appreciated.

To what ASHFAQ has mentioned not sure how far would that be a stable solution.

Thanks to everyone.


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Re: QMC task failure with general script error


One thing that I've experienced in the past is that whenever you drag QVD file into qvw for any purpose and you left the qvw file open, QlikView will complain next refresh and you want to store new data into the QVD (i.e. incremental).

So ensure that no QVD file is not locked in anyway (i.e dragging).

Also ensure that all developers close down all QVW files before going home each day.

Hope this helps.

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