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QMC tasks failing randomly

Hello everyone,

I am running around 15 tasks(which are triggered upon success from another task)  through QMC.

1: I am receiving email notifications task failed. Error: 'Document open call failed'. But when I go and see the log which is generated by the qvw, the log shows 'reload SUCCESS'. Trying to understand what could be the reason for this email error.

2: When I run the same cycle of tasks again, I receive some different task fail. Every time, I run, not the same task fail . Its always different tasks which are failing.

3: One particular task failed. Log says 'OLEDB Read failed'. General Script error.  But when I run this task individually, reload is SUCCESS.

Can you please help with the reason for the above cases?

Thanks in Advance

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Re: QMC tasks failing randomly

IMHO you are reporting a mix of problems. In addition to that, you simply mention the symptoms, but do not provide any information that can lead to the detection of the root causes (logs, log files, publisher logs, did I mention logs?). Therefor, let's figure out exactly what information can help us find the real cause of these problems

  1. Document open call failed vs. Reload successful: apparently the script does reload the document, but somewhere along the Publisher's open-reload-save-close-distribute path, something else is failing. Did you check the Tasklog? Can you post an example in this thread?
  2. Always a different task fails: this tells me that the issue at hand is probably timing related or based on coincidence. dor example, different tasks may execute perfectly when run in sequence, but when run in parallel they fail at unpredictable pojnts in time. Did you check at what time the failing task(s) crashed? What were the other tasks doing at that moment?
  3. OLEDB Read Failed: This is a weird one. It may point to a locking error, or a database access restriction. What do you mean by "when I run this task individually..."? Did you press the play button in QMC, or did you reload the document in QV Desktop? Does the Scriupt log mention anything else about this event?

Always check for task/document interdependencies. Do they share QVD's? Excel input files? Any of the files involved (QVWs or QVDs or other input/output files) are stored on a non-Windows file server?

And finally: are there any tasks that never fail? What makes them different from the others? Do the failing tasks have something in common?




Re: QMC tasks failing randomly

Hi Peter,

Thank you for the reply. Still working on the suggestions you mentioned. Tracking the timings,logs.

In point 3: What I meant by 'when I run task individually' was: When I press the play button in QMC of that particular task instead of running all tasks in the cycle.

Thanks for helping me with pointing out the areas to focus on. It did help me.

Will reply once done with tracking and testing. And if needed, will take further suggestions.

Thanks much

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