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QMSEDX - Failed to create a client to the specified Uri


I am having issues with QMSEDX.exe to execute tasks on my management console for certain users in our domain.

The QMSEDX.exe is located on a network location and a user executes these via a VB macro in a QVW dashboard via the Access Point. The Qlikview Server is on a spearate domain than the network location.

It was working fine until the QMSEDX was on the same domain as the Qlikview Server, the only change was to shift this file QMSEDX.EXE to a different network location.

The following command using the cmd.exe doesn't work for some of the users.

Server2… \QMSEDX.exe" -task="Task Name" -password="Password123" -qms="Server1"

I get the following error message when attempting this with my test account:

“Failed to create a client to the specified Uri, retries=2.

Error creating the Web Proxy specified in the ‘system.net/defaultProxy’ configuration section.

Retry in 10s…”

Accounts are in the following Qlikview groups:

  • - Qlikview Management API
  • - Qlikview EDX

Accounts also have read right and execute rights on this shared network folder. The other variables in this equation are CITRIX security rules which also have AppSense AM policy to allow the execution of QMSEDX.EXE located on the shared drive.

Thanks a lot for your help!



P.S I have seen other similar posts but without any answer.

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Re: QMSEDX - Failed to create a client to the specified Uri

Dear community experts,

bbt pcammaert jungo931 @ashfaq_hasee gwassenaarmarcaestas omarbensalem

Any insights would be appreciated!

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