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QMSEDX Issue – Error Creating Web Proxy


I am having issues with QMSEDX.exe to execute tasks on my management console for certain users in our domain.

The QMSEDX.exe and config file are located on a network location and a user executes these via a VB macro in a QVW dashboard via the Access Point.

I have attempted this using 2 accounts on the same laptop (production and test account) with identical access to all the relevant folders and similar AD groups. It works fine with my production account but I am unable to execute the task from my test account.

I run the following command using the cmd.exe which also works fine for my production account but not for my test account:

Server2… \QMSEDX.exe" -task="Task Name" -password="Password123" -qms="Server1"

I get the following error message when attempting this with my test account:

“Failed to create a client to the specified Uri, retries=2.

Error creating the Web Proxy specified in the ‘system.net/defaultProxy’ configuration section.

Retry in 10s…”

Both accounts are in the following Qlikview groups:

  • - Qlikview Administrator
  • - Qlikview Document Administrator (Both doc. Admins for the same folders)
  • - Qlikview Management API
  • - Qlikview EDX

Both accounts also have full control access to the folders where the QMSEDX.exe is located.

We have spent a lot of time looking into this and are unable to resolve this issue. I was wondering whether anyone else has come across an error like this, if so could you give us some direction as how to troubleshoot this further.

Thanks very much.

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Re: QMSEDX Issue – Error Creating Web Proxy


Is this issue resolved? If so please explain how this is resolved.