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Re: QV Publisher, datamodel


I am not convinced at all that your estimate of 1250TB of RAM, for your 1,000 Customers [i.e. a touch over a TB for a single customer] is remotely accurate.

How about for testing you take one customer and generate the QVD for that customer.

Use that to populate your qvw dashboard and see how much RAM it consumes.

Then use something like Rob Wunderlich's Document Analyser Downloads - Rob Wunderlich Qlikview Consulting to optimise RAM usage, especially removing unused data fields and eliminating GUI tables displaying loads & loads of rows.

I would wager that RAM usage will be a lot, lot less than you expect. And with more tuning could be reduced even more.

Best Regards,     Bill Markham

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Re: QV Publisher, datamodel

Yeah obviously I meant 12.5 and just as an example, there could be more than 1000 customers. Some customers have small databases (less than 1 gig) and yet others are larger). The 1.25 multiplier was provided by QlikTech as a rough rule of thumb..

As for your suggestion to test for one customer, yeah we did. In fact, storing all customers in one combined file won't be a problem at all at first. However, it's best to be prepared for the futureSmiley Happy

I guess our situation is pretty uncommon. Thanks for the help.

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Re: QV Publisher, datamodel

You can setup so you have one master qvw to load data into, then distribute master qvw by loop and reduce to X amount of qvws, they will then run another loop and reduce and provide one specific document per user.

And you dont have to publisher master doc as each user has it´s own file.  Or split it down to working sizes in the second step and then use Section access to control access, and publish DataAA,etc

All comes down to what works and not.

DataA >











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