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QV Server10 Logout button

We are using QV10 Server and we have a problem with our Access Point. After some time of inactivity of a user, the connection is lost and no applications are shown on the Access Point. There is however no login or logout possibility. After closing all browsers, still no applications are shown.

I see the following code in the file index.htm:

<a href="#" avq="action:.Logout" style="display: none;"><span avq=".LogOff_text">Logout</span></a>

The Logout button however is not shown, also if I remove "display: none". Therefore I'm not sure if this Logout button would work, even if it would be visible.

I would like the following questions to be answered:

- How can I make the Logout button visible?

- How can I prevent users from losing their connection?

- If the Logout button is visible, will Logging out and Logging in resolve the "Lost connection" problem?

Below are some settings which can be usefull to answer my questions:

error loading image

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QV Server10 Logout button

Through Qlikview Support I got the following working solution:

The Login Address should be changed to "Alternate Login: Webform"

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QV Server10 Logout button


Can you please explain how it will work even after selecting on " Alternate Login: Webform"

you feedback will surely help us all.

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QV Server10 Logout button

By selecting "Alternate Login: Webform" we get the following login screen instead of a popup:

After Logging in we get the Logout option like below which was missing before. After Logging out we get the same Login screen as above. So it's all working fine now.

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QV Server10 Logout button

Thanks !!

Its working

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