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QVPR Repository Information

I've done some searching and some coding on this and I have a good start so far.

I am working on Qliview Server 9SR3 and I am trying to load the document and task information from the QVPR into a Qlikview.

As I go through this I am wondering if I will be able to hook the log file information into this so for example the user will be able to easily retrieve information about when tasks will run nd then view the historical data about that task.

If anybody has a sample or advice on retrieving this information I would greatly appreciate it.



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Re: QVPR Repository Information

QlikView Ops Monitor reads some information from publisher xml files, not sure if that is something you're looking into doing.

Before you invest a lot of time into it I would make sure it also works for QV10.

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Re: QVPR Repository Information

The main requirement that I was give was to provide documentation of the job flow in the Qlikview repository. The job Log information would be in addition to the requested requirement.

Does the QVPR structure change significantly between 9 & 10?

At the moment I am only pulling out the source documents, tasks, and triggers. At the moment I am struggling with the reproducing the task hierarchy that appears in the QEMC.

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