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QVS 11 in on domain user in other domain


The QVS is installed on a severin in domain A.

Users logs in on the computers in domain B.

There is no user trust betwene domain A and B.

Have added the domain B in Directory Service Connection both AD and Configurable LDAP.

I can browse the users in domain B under User Management in QMC.

But the problem is that I cant login with user from domain B (from computer i domain B) to the AccessPoint.

What's wrong?


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Re: QVS 11 in on domain user in other domain


Remember there are two parts to this Authentication which decides who you are and then authorization is what you have rights to.

When you use the QMC you are only looking at who you can assign a document two. This has nothing to do with the login. To handle that you will have to write some type of SSO webpage to handle this for you. You can do this using Headers are tickets, but this is outside of QlikView.


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