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QlikView Publisher Disk IO Requirements

Is there any documentation around disk IO requirements for QlikView Publisher.  We're working on sizing our environment and were trying to decide what speed of disk to use for Publisher.  Since Publisher stores and processes all the data we thought it might have higher disk IO requirements then QlikView Server.

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Re: QlikView Publisher Disk IO Requirements


Not at this time.

However, when it comes to network "disk" like SAN, the connectivity to the disk is a more important then Disk IO ability, not saying that you should use an old IDE disk

NAS using Windows File System (NTFS) and SMB/CIFS for communication is perfectly fine, such as Windows Storage Server 2012 (or just a share on any Windows machine will do).

Important thing to remember is that other files systems except NTFS, such as ext2-4, ZFS, exFAT etc, are not supported.

Same goes for communication protocol. Only SMB/CIFS is supported, not NFS, AFP, NCP or similar.

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