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Qlikview 11.2 > 11.4 upgrade checklist

I am currently working towards an upgrade from 11.2 to 11.4.  I am putting together a piece of documentation to track the changes made and any problems that may be encountered.  I have searched this forum for any documentation on an upgrade but can't find any.

Would anyone with any other experience be able to help me and suggest certain things to look out for when going through an upgrade for Qlikview.


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Re: Qlikview 11.2 > 11.4 upgrade checklist

First, version numbers are separate from service release numbers.

AFAIK there is no QlikView 11.4, but there is a version of QlikView called 11.20 SR4.

Are you upgrading from QV 11 SR2 to QV 11.20 SR4?

If so, then it's mostly an in site feature upgrade without too many things to watch out for. Service Releases on average pose not risk whatsoever when perfomring an upgrade (except for the first SR4). In addition you could look at 11.20IR as 11.00SR3 with added features.

Can you post the correct version numbers? Thanks.


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Re: Qlikview 11.2 > 11.4 upgrade checklist

Yes sorry I got the versioning wrong.  I am updating from 11.2SR2 to 11.2SR4.

I was mainly looking for any processes that might change or anything on the management console that might be changed due ot the upgrade.

Re: Re: Qlikview 11.2 > 11.4 upgrade checklist

AFAIK it's "none" and "nothing"

The best thing you can do to start with is check the atttached document. And move your target to 11.20SR5 (more bugs fixed.)

Or do you have a particular reason for staying with SR4?

Good luck,


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