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Qlikview 12.10 Server + Publisher Setup


I'm currently on a Qlikview 12.10 single-machine server setup and have recently purchased Qlikview Publisher.

We're planning to hold the Publisher on a separate VM instance.

Are there any step-by-step literature on how to go about this migration?

Can I migrate my currently defined tasks onto the Publisher setup automatically or at least in simple steps?

Just for kicks, I tried to input the Publisher license on the same machine and all my reload tasks vanished.

Good thing there's an automatic backup in the QVPR folder.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Qlikview 12.10 Server + Publisher Setup

Hi Jeff,

Did you find any solution?

Even i have to install a publisher in new machine and i want QMC to automatically pick all task from my another QV server+Publisher setup.



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Re: Qlikview 12.10 Server + Publisher Setup


Re: Qlikview 12.10 Server + Publisher Setup

Did you contact Qlik Consulting or Qlik Support? I'm not sure whether such document exist but they will be able to provide some assistance, if possible. By default, the behavior you see is expected, since the task and folder structure with Publisher differs considerably than without it.

Moving task from QV Server (Without Publisher) to Publisher and in the opposite direction