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Qlikview Publisher Server Logon

We have two Qlikview servers running Publisher in our set-up. In the past week, the services (Qlikview Distribution Service and Qlikview Management Service)  on our development server have stopped running, meaning we can't access QMC.

When I try to start the services, I am getting a message saying:

Error 1069: The service did not start due to a logon failure.

This suggests to me that someone has changed the password on the account that these services are using (qlkdev). Obviously we could change the password again and enter it into the properties of the service, but my concern is what else would use this account?

Can anyone shed some light on what changing the password could affect? As I mentioned, QMC isn't running, but Accesspoint does appear to be live.

I am in no way an expert in the server side of things and wasn't directly involved in the set-up, I am purely a developer with some knowledge. Just trying to ask the right questions for those in our company who should be taking up this responsibility!

Sorry, having a bad day.....


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Re: Qlikview Publisher Server Logon

It is a good bet something has changed with that service account. You can always change one to your login and see if it will start.


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Re: Qlikview Publisher Server Logon

Hi Bill,

please answer the question clearly,I have this problem after changing the password. Why?

Other users ask this question but nobody answer to them.


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