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Qlikview Server 11 Bugs

Can someone please tell me where I can find the list of bugs for the Qlikview Server v11?



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Qlikview Server 11 Bugs

this would be usefull for me and others as well.

It would be helpfull for comparision considering an upgrade.

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Qlikview Server 11 Bugs

Me too ... anyone from QlikTech?  How to we report / review bugs?  I'm sure there used to be a list but I can't find it now!

Re: Qlikview Server 11 Bugs


     Here is the QlikView 11 Release notes.


Kaushik Solanki

Valued Contributor III

Qlikview Server 11 Bugs

QlikView does not publish list of bugs. If you find any issue report it to QlikView support and they will tell you whether it's a known bug or not. There is an unofficial Community group call QlikBugs, where users like us report and maintain somewhat list of known bugs.

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Qlikview Server 11 Bugs

this would be great, but it cant find the group in the groups list. "QlikBugs" doesnt show

i dont think that there are many, but its good to know them

i the user is aware of some bugs, people can work around them to prevent problems.

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Qlikview Server 11 Bugs

Hi All,

According to this release document :

"Alert Email to Document Administrators

It is now possible to send alert e-mail to document administrators."

Does this mean that is no longer possible to send reloads fails alerts to a specific e-mail address?

Best regards,

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