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Qlikview document not showing up properly

Hi all,

We are now facing a problem in which when we click on the dashboards and start navigating, sometimes the tab just gone white and could not show anything. When we go back to the access point and re-access again, the screen only shows the loading on the right top corner.

Every time we hit this issue, we need to restart the services and the reports looks temporary fine on it.

However, when time flies, the issue will show up again.

Does anyone have any idea about neither the cause or the solution for the issue?


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New Contributor III

Re: Qlikview document not showing up properly


  • If you are using Internet Explorer download the plugin from the access point
  • takes debug the application that is giving the problem to determine if there is any error loading the information, it may be errors in table relationships

i hope to be your help


Henry C,

Re: Qlikview document not showing up properly

What version of QlikView server are you running? If I'm not mistaken, some early releases of the 11.20 series had resource problems (usually memory) that caused the server to almost lock up.


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