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Qlikview server and IIS


I have windows 2012 server with qlikview server 11 version.

Now I have to install IIS on the same server, but not for qlikview reports.

So I would like to understand are there any issues or problems that I can face on installing both on same server.

If yes (there can be some problems like both are not compatible with each other etc), then is there any alternative for the same.

If no then do I need to take care of anything while installation.)

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Re: Qlikview server and IIS

You have to ensure that not both WebServer run with Port 80 as then the first will block the second.

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Re: Qlikview server and IIS

Actually, I believe by default that IIS and QVWS can work together on port 80, they both support "port sharing". Just ensure that the virtual directories /qlikview/ , /qvajaxzfc/ , /qvplugin/ and /scripts/ is untouched, i.e. IIS does not have any similar naming. I would also make a backup of both QlikView files and IIS files before doing any changes.



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Re: Qlikview server and IIS

Hello Daniel  and Erik,

I will do the installation and let you both know if any issues or even if all works fine.

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