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QvsTunnel? can´t open a qvw on acesspoint


Please help me out here. I have 3 users that have can´t open on specific qvw on accesspoint. It´s only this qlikview-app that don´t work.

They get a messeasge that ask what they what to do with the "QVSTunnel_dll%3Fhost%3Dqlikview"?

The adress that appears in the browser is right. If I click on the adress the app is open fine and it also works fine for from the acesspoint.

The only diffrence from my computer and theirs are that the recently have upgraded to windows 7 (I have win XP) And the problem is only for this specific qv-app, the others work.


We have tryed to reinstall the QV-plugin with no diffrence.

I have created a new qv-app with the same data in it and pushed it out with publiser and still the same result.

Any suggestions?

What is QVS Tunnel? Never heard about it before.

(I´m only developing the apps, the IT-department runs ther server but don´t know much about publiser so I hope you can help me)

edit: QV 11

Win server 2008 R2

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Re: QvsTunnel? can´t open a qvw on acesspoint

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Re: QvsTunnel? can´t open a qvw on acesspoint

Thanks. But the IT-dep says that the qlikview-server don´t run IIS. But I have forwared the document and hope for som result. The strange thing is that it´s only one app that don´t work. If it were any problem with the IIS, then would´t any app work?

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Re: QvsTunnel? can´t open a qvw on acesspoint

Yes, if it was a port issue would it effect all of the documents for that user. The QVS tunnel is a fail over function to use port 80 instead of the normal 4747 (if its blocked etc).

If I understood you correct do the users dont have have problem opening any other documents on the accesspoint? The first thing I would check is what plugin version they are using, and make sure that they update if they are using an older one. Have you had any chance to see if they can use ajax instead and if that works?

Other then that check if there are anything different to your document that are not used in other documents, such as section access,macros, file level security etc?

Good luck!

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