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RAM Consumption in Accesspoint

Hi Community,

I have a small doubt,regarding the RAM consumption for a QV Report in Accesspoint.

I am placing a Report(of size 300MB) in AccessPoint. Different users access different Regions of Data in this report. so i applied section access in the report.

So, if one user accessing APAC Region Data(Assume 100MB), Another User Accessing NA Region Data(Assume 50MB), That means, for first user it consumes 300MB RAM or only 100MB RAM ?

Second User, It is 300MB of RAM or 50MB RAM or 1/10th of the First existing Report ?

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Re: RAM Consumption in Accesspoint


The application itself is compressed with a ratio betw 5-10 fold, i.e. your application with 300MB will require 1.5-3.0 GB RAM. Each user adds approx 10% on top

HTH Peter

Re: RAM Consumption in Accesspoint


This app will give you a better idea.

RAM Calculation QlikView App



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Re: RAM Consumption in Accesspoint

Beside the compression the application will always load the full data of the application on Access Point, not only the Part defined for the user in Section Access.


Re: RAM Consumption in Accesspoint


Just throwing this out here. This is the old rule of thumb.

If the QVW size is 100mb on the hard drive and you are going to have 10 users the memory used would be around 800mb.

100mb x 4 = 400mb  (this is just to open the document)

10 users at 10% (of above 400mb) will add 40mb per users or 400mb

This is without making selections. You will see the memory go up and down based on the clicks.


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