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Refresh mode on server

Dear All,

I am trying to use rather straight forward function of qlikview, which is when document is refreshed, client initiate refresh, which mean if a document data is updated or reloaded, it will ask client refresh manually, where as this setting is not working. it disconnect user and without asking and entire session which a user was working is lost, including selection made.

I am using following settings.

Can any one please help me in this. Is it bug in server ?

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Re: Refresh mode on server

Are you using IE Plugin or Ajax ?


Re: Refresh mode on server


To make it where the client can initiate the refresh you will have to allow more than one copy of document in memory.

If you look at the QlikView Reference manual on page 434 (11.20 SR12 manual) it will explain the options.

Best option is



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