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Reload and Distribute QVW & DMS Authorisation


I have a QlikView server which is configured to use DMS Authorisation. Currently we are using the authorisation tab in user documents section to give the domain user id of users. It is working perfectly fine.

But what we now want to do is to schedule a publisher task which will reload the QVW and distribute to a set of reciepents (part of a AD group). For this in my task I am using the 'Distribute' tab and setting the options under 'Distribute to folder'  section. When I run the task the QVW is reloading and getting copied to the folder, but when users access the 'AccessPoint URL', they are not seeing this QVW. Also if I go to authorisation tab under user documents, the recipients section is blank.

Could you please help me to set this task?



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Reload and Distribute QVW & DMS Authorisation

You must wonder if there is anyone on this community!

I expect you have now discovered that distributing to a folder is just that - it is for putting a file into a network drive.

Distributing to a Mounted Folder on a server will make the file available in the Access Point.

This is probably a bit late but at least someone eventually cares!


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