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Reload clears all field selections, even if clear state includes a selection or apply bookmark upon open or reload on server, how do I fix this?

Hi All,

I have a dashboard that I need to open up on the server with the year selected to 2016 by default. There is a lot of data that users can go back and see, but commonly they are focused on the current year and I want it to open to this selection. However, after a server reload, I find that the qvw is cleared of all selections, even if the clear state has been set to include a 2016 selection. I have also tried using the onopen and postreload triggers to set a bookmark which includes 2016 selected.

My users use safari and chrome, so not IE and no plugin. How do I get this to start on a 2016 selection by default?

P.S. I can confirm that it is clearing the selection and not just maintaining a cleared selection... if I reload using server and then open the file using QV desktop, the selection is suddenly nothing. Just because sometimes the server will remember the selection and sometimes not after a reload.

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