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Reload taking too long on server

I am setting up a some documents to reload on the server for the first time and noticing that the reloads seem to appear to be running, but are taking FAR too long compared to when I reload them from the Desktop application. I tried doing 3 apps at once which went on for hours. So I stopped and just tried to reload a single app which should have taken 12 minutes (how long it took on QlikView Developer (desktop)). I am sitting here at an hour. Log details are still populating, it is just going very slow.

Any ideas?

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Reload taking too long on server

The first possibility that comes to mind is the network connection between the server and the datasource. For example, you may have a gigabit connection between your Developer workstation and the database, but only a 10Mbit connection between your server and the database,.You may need to talk to your network folks if this is not an area you have knowledge of.

Another approach to isolating the problem is to create a benchmark load that does not use any external datasources. Something like:

recno() as row

Benchmark the difference for that script between your Developer and Server. If slower on the server, then you can look at things like processor speed, RAM, etc.


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