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SE_LOG: CQvXmlInterfaceRequestHandler Error


A task in QMC is created  to distribute a report.  However, this task is occasionally failed.

In the log of the QMC, i have:

Error: The QlikView Server returned a error

Error: QVS Distribution failed to distribute to QVS

Error: Distribution to resources failed with errors. Warnings: 0, Errors: 2

In the Window logs, i have this error from Qlikview Server:

SE_LOG: CQvXmlInterfaceRequestHandler - Catch: errId(-1). Ino(-1). Fno(98)

Can you help me to understand this error?

In an other environment, i always have this Warning:

SE_LOG: User - GetSFUser: Failed to LookupAccountName1. GLE(5)

Can you also tell me what means "SE_LOG" error/Warning ?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: SE_LOG: CQvXmlInterfaceRequestHandler Error

Hi All,

I too get this Error message in Test Env.

SE_LOG: CQvXmlInterfaceRequestHandler - Catch: errId(-3). Ino(-1). Fno(91)

When Trying to Access Access Point Getting message 'Message: No Server' then I checked Event file and got above error message.

This message started getting this afternoon after changing domain.

Please guide me in resolving this issue.

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Re: SE_LOG: CQvXmlInterfaceRequestHandler Error

Qumar, this section is for QlikView Job Offers (work opportunities), so please move your question to the right section. Thank you.

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Re: SE_LOG: CQvXmlInterfaceRequestHandler Error

Did anyone identify a root cause for this issue?

I'm also seeing a sporadic occurrence of this error message.