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Script parameters, additional info needed


I'm unable to find any additionale info about the Script paramaters option in Publisher.

If I understand correctly this function would enable me to read a tabel from my document. Take each value one-by-one and create a new document for this value.

Does this mean a variable can be set with script parameters?

I need to reload 1 document against 7 datasets that are all equal except for the content. Each data is in a different folder.

Therefore I want to set the variable from the 'Script parameter' to each folder with the dataset one after another.

If this is possible to do with the 'Script parameter ' function, how does this work in the Qlikview script? How do I set the value for the variable. Is that the column name?

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Re: Script parameters, additional info needed

Here is a document that we use in training. It has a variable call "MyRegion" that you can set the value to the RegionName.


You would do that here.


This will cause it to create one document for each value. However, if you are not careful you will end up with only one document. You have to make sure you name the documents different some how. Below is an example of that.


Notice that I am using the document name and then adding the region to the end.


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Re: Script parameters, additional info needed

Bill, thanks.

This works only with 1 data base?

I have 7 folders with CSV files. I can reload by setting a variable and point to the folder. But can Script parameter do this too?

My Select statement looks like this:

$(DATA)\file.csv     where $(DATA) is the folder name, for instance: folder_1, folder_2 etc.

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Re: Script parameters, additional info needed

Hi Michiel,

Did you ever find a solution to your problem?

I'm running into a similar issue, which I've posted about here: Multiple Reloads & Publishes with Publisher



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