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Simple DB-Command Task in QVS/QV-Publisher 9 SR1??

Dear all,

I try to set up a simple DB-Command Task in QVS/QV-Publisher 9 SR1. But it seems to me that it doesn't work. There is also absolutely no documentation from QlikTech about this topic!

It would be kind, if anybody could provide a simple demo with a MS Access Database. I am especially interested in the syntax for the connection string.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,

PS: my error message is "Das Format der Initialisierungszeichenfolge stimmt nicht mit der Spezifikation überein, die bei Index 605 beginnt. [...]" (German)

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Simple DB-Command Task in QVS/QV-Publisher 9 SR1??

Hello Fabian,

I agree with you about the documentation on QlikView 9. It's definitively lacking. Try working with EDX tasks from an external applicationSmiley Happy

The connection string seems to follow the standard used by SqlDataProvider in the .Net Framework. Have a look at http://www.connectionstrings.com for examples. I use SQL Server 2005 so I found a good example under http://www.connectionstrings.com/sql-server-2005.

My connection string looks like this:

Data Source=my_server;Initial Catalog=my_database;Integrated Security=SSPI;

I call a stored procedure with the following syntax, no EXECUTE and no ;.

InsertEdxStatus NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,'Edx_User', 'A EDX task has completed.', NULL, 'username', 'username'

Best regards


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Simple DB-Command Task in QVS/QV-Publisher 9 SR1??

Hello Henrik,

thank you very much for your valuable answer.

Kind Regards,

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AW:Re: Simple DB-Command Task in QVS/QV-Publisher 9 SR1??

Database command is only available for SQL Server? I tried an oracle connection string and it didn't worked. Errotrmessage talks about namespace System.Data.SqlClient witch ist build SQL Server provider shipped with the .Net FW.

Is there a way to change default namespace from System.Data.SqlClient to Oracle.DataAccess.Client because both classes implements the same Interfaces.

Right now I use a workaround with an external CLI app.

Any suggestions to make it directly in QVP?

Geetings Boris.

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