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Timeout for loading Document into RAM during reload

Hi everyone,

We are sometimes noticing an error for "Document Failed to open. Requires username & password" while the document was getting loaded into RAM. These reports do not have any section access hence no issue of service account not having access to the document.

It might be due to high memory consumption on the QDS node.

But what I really like to know that, is there any specific setting in QDS.exe.config or somewhere can we set the Timeout for loading the document during reload and distribution process?

Thanks & Regards,

Sanchayan Bhowmik

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Re: Timeout for loading Document into RAM during reload

Hi, this error is a "common" message, this have nothing to do With section Access.

There is some line in QVDistributionService.exe.config which can be edit for Timeout. But be aware to change in the file, this can cause major problem instead of helping you out here.

I should instead try to find out what cause Your problem by looking into logfiles.

The memory consuption could have many rootcauses and probably not the settings.

if you decides to change in this file, stop the service, change and the start service again.

Always remember/backup the general settings if the changes have no effect.

timeoutsettings in QVDistributionService.exe.config


  <add key="DistributeDocumentLogTimeoutSeconds" value="30" />


Re: Timeout for loading Document into RAM during reload

The one which you have suggested is the time limit for which QDS will wait for the qlikview engine to write the document log to disc. This in any way is not related to Timeout for loading document dataset into RAM before reload or distribute.

So, can anyone please suggest that what is the Timeout setting for QDS to load documents dataset into RAM? or is it that loading of the document into RAM will proceed until the task reload timeout?



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Re: Timeout for loading Document into RAM during reload

Hello, sorry for disturb, but I wonder, if you have find a solution.

We have a really hudge app's in Qlik (over 200 GB) and we read them in memory on our servers.
Last time I have seen this error :
"Restart: Server aborted trying to recover by restart. Reason for restart: Document load timeout (>900 seconds)"

Is there is any way to change that amount of time?
I will be glad for your answer.