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Trigger dependency from one server task to another server task

Hi Everyone,

I hope your doing good !

I have 2 Publisher servers namely they are Test server( E.g. Reload A) and Prod server(E.g. Publish B)

1) Is it possible to run the Publish B task in Prod server after successful completion of Reload A.?

Aim : I would like to reduce Reload activities in my production server. Reload activities are directly connected to DB and then creating the QVD’s. Those qvd’s are using in the Publish applications.

Note : 2 )Also is it possible to transfer the qvd’s from one server to other with the any tools?

Let me know in case of any clarity required more on the above.

Thanks In Advance,


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Re: Trigger dependency from one server task to another server task

Check with this option once

Remote Management Services

In theRemote Management Services folder, tasks from the management services of remote servers can be imported.

Note! The involved environments must use the same major QlikView release (for example, QlikView 11 and QlikView 11 or QlikView 11 and QlikView 11.20). If the involved environments use different major releases (for example, QlikView 10 and QlikView 11), the Remote Management Services cannot be used.

Each connection is set up by the user account of the current Management Service; hence, this account has to be a member of the QlikView Management API security group of the remote system.

Note! If the QlikView Management API security group does not exist on the remote system, it must be created.

This function can be used to retrieve tasks between QlikView Publisher (QVP) environments, typically between a test system and a production system. To do this, a link, a remote management service, has to be set up in the production system, towards the test system. Using the link, tasks can be pulled from the test system into the production system. Since the test system usually has its own set of folders and servers, and other folders and servers are used in production, the test items have to be mapped to the production items. The link and the map are set up once only. Hence, when importing the tasks, the retrieval and mapping are performed automatically.

For information on how to perform the actual import of tasks from remote servers, see Import Task.

2 )Also is it possible to transfer the qvd’s from one server to other with the any tools?

If you need the same set of Qvd is the PRD you could give the PRD path directly from the test (if you have access for both the servers )

Re: Trigger dependency from one server task to another server task

  1. Yes indeed. If you have a Publisher you can define supporting tasks. On the Production server, define an additional trigger of type "By an external event" for task "Publish B". On the Test publisher, define a Supporting task that runs a CMD file to execute QMSEDX Enhanced, and let the command line tool send an EDX trigger to "Publish B" on the Production machine. Now attach this supporting task to the end of the "Reload A" chain.
  2. Yes, that's possible. Again define a Supporting Task on the Test server that uses a CMD file to COPY, XCOPY, RoboCopy, FastCopy or (fill in your preferred copying tool) QVDs to a share on the Production machine. But if you do not have documents from both machines opening the QVD's at the same time, I think Avinash's suggestion (make the original path available to the other Publisher) is more efficient.