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Tunneling probelm

Hi Folks, I am trying to open the document on the server I got the below error. Please help how can avoid this. Please find the attched screen shot.

qvp://fc8qliks03/application.qvw?iis_authenticate=783058A68E53D4F4A52F460845FE782FF0CD2F74DB&tunneler-http%3A//fc8qlikspv/scripts/QVSTunnel.dll%4FHost%3Dfc8qliks03 could not be opened



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Re: Tunneling probelm

Hi dathu.qv

check this out:

Re: Help switching to tunnelling


Re: Tunneling probelm

Of course the question is do you want to use Tunnelling?  It creates a significant performance hit.

If you don't then your solution is a probably a simple case of opening up TCP Port 4747 from the client to the server (note this will also need doing in the Windows Firewall on the server if you have it turned on).


Re: Tunneling probelm


Attached you will find my document on tunneling. Look at the very bottom for tips on your issue. It appears you have a mismatch in server names.

qvp://fc8qliks03/application.qvw?iis_authenticate=783058A68E53D4F4A52F460845FE782FF0CD2F74DB&tunneler-http%3A//fc8qlikspv/scripts/QVSTunnel.dll%4FHost%3Dfc8qlikspv could not be opened

In you image you have  fc8qlikso3 and fc8qlikspv.

You will need to change the link machine name to fc8qlikspv.


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