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Unable to access Network folder


I am using shared network path in a qvw. I am able to access the desktop and access point within that server. But when i try to access from internet using the access point link it showing access denied.



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Re: Unabke to access Network folder

looks like you mean to say, you are able to access qlikview in desktop mode and in access point (Ajax) not in IE version ... do you have installed IE plugin?, is the application enabled for IE pulgin mode in QMC?

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Re: Unabke to access Network folder

Do you mean that when accessing from the internet, you're no seeing the AccessPoint, or just that documents refuse to open? In the latter case, check the upper right corner of the AccessPoint where your account is displayed.


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Re: Unable to access Network folder

Can you show a screenshot of the error, as I think that might help us allot to understand the issue. But based on your explanation does it sound like the either is the accesspoint not accessible from external use or the user does not have the correct credentials (authenticated) to access the accesspoint.