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Unable to start a scheduled task in qmc

Hi all,


We have many tasks scheduled in qmc but non of them are starting on a scheduled time.


i read through the below post but did not find any 



We are using 

Client Build Number11.20.12904.0


RAM is 1 TB and CPU is 24 Cores


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Re: Unable to start a scheduled task in qmc

if possible share screen shot of it.

how much time difference between schedule time and actual start time?
is your server hosted on different time zone?

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Re: Unable to start a scheduled task in qmc

HI Prashant ,

There is no Difference between schedule time and actual start time. When we click on run the task does not run neither on the scheduled time.
yes my server is hosted in NAM region.

Re: Unable to start a scheduled task in qmc


Did you check the QDS logs? Is there any connectivity issue between the QMS and QDS?
What is the status of the tasks?
I would start with that and if you find any error check the community or our KB ( https://qliksupport.force.com/QS_CoveoSearch).
Please, remember to mark the thread as solved once getting the correct answer

Re: Unable to start a scheduled task in qmc

Hello @aniketsr,

I agree with @Albert_Candelario in that you need to review the QDS logs for the date(s) of the issue(s), particularly the QDS Root log. The QDS Root log will note if there are any changes to the trigger status of a reload task, so you should be able to narrow when a task is skipped and potentially why. By default, the QDS Root log is stored in %ProgramData%\QlikTech\DistrubutionService\1\Log, and has a naming convention as Root_<date>.txt. If you have configured QDS logging to a different location than the default, you can verify the location in QMC > System > Setup > Distribution Services > General Tab > Application Data Folder field.

If you can review this log and provide more information, we can continue to assist you.


Sr. Technical Support Engineer with Qlik Support