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Unbalanced Publisher Clustering


Is it possible to add a second Publisher Machine with different specs compared to your first one? I know QV 12.1 supports unbalanced QVS clustering. But how is it for the Publisher?

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Re: Unbalanced Publisher Clustering

Technically is possible, because you don't use working sets or CPU affinity for Publisher.

However, the maximum number of parallel tasks you can run in each engine will be different. Anyway, worth checking with Qlik Support if even if it is possible, if it is also officially supported.


Re: Unbalanced Publisher Clustering

Paul, someone pointed this post out to me, and I wanted to add a comment to clarify, but yes, you can do unbalanced Publisher machines in 12.10 and later as well.  Here is the link to the Help on how to do things, it is pretty much the same for both tracks:


Hopefully this is what you needed and will hopefully help others that find this post.  It is a little complex, but if you play around with things it should make sense pretty quickly.  Oh, just a side note, there will be an update to the QVS unbalanced clustering help shortly, we noticed some missing info, so that is being added, I would venture it should be posted in the coming weeks from the date of this post, it will have instructions on how to do the config changes if you are running IIS as the web server as well now. 

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Re: Unbalanced Publisher Clustering

Hi Brett,

Please help us in understanding the changes on the unbalanced QVS cluster. is the below page updated and holds good for 12.10 SR7.




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