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Upgrade QV10->11 QVS service Off Duty

Hi All,

I just upgraded our internal server from QV10-> QV11.

After first uninstalling the olf version, I installed version 11.

I filled in the licence key, the key is accepted and the the QVS service is off duty.

I used an Localadmin during the installation and this user is also member of the qlikview administrator group.

So in theorie it should all be fine and cannot find anything in the logging either. Anybody a bright idea what it might be?

All feedback is welcome.

With kind regards

Gert Jan

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Upgrade QV10->11 QVS service Off Duty

did you restart the services.

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Upgrade QV10->11 QVS service Off Duty

Hi Sunil,

Thank you, yes i did restart the services and also changed the user under which the services where running.

In the end it had nothing to do with the installation, but it seems that the provided licence was expired.

Therefor it would stay Off Duty.

Thanks for the help anyway.


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Upgrade QV10->11 QVS service Off Duty

We had the same problem here. What happened was, that we set up a new VM for Version 11 and left the Version 10 VM online. Both Machiens were in the same subnet. So the QVS11 found that the license is already in use on the QVS10. We simply shutdown the QVS10 and restartet the services. After we found the QVS11 working, we deleted the old QVS10 VM.


Re: Upgrade QV10->11 QVS service Off Duty

I had the problem when some user-rights was changed for the user running the services. This is what I did:

  • Get the user right on the services
  • Start the services under the new user-credentials
  • Install (repair) the QlikView Server again
  • Restart all the services

and that worked .......