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Users being removed from QEMC document authorization list

In three times this month, separate days and users, we have had an instance where a username has been removed from the authorization list in QEMC for one of our QV dashboards. No one in our team has removed them manually and, unlike similar instances I have managed to find in other discussions, it is not the entire list being removed just a single entity (possibly all three at once and we didn't notice straight away but 3/48 users from the whole list).

We have not been made aware of any issues with our other dashboards (in total including test versions we have 50 with the number of users varying from 2 up to 110). We are using QV version 10.

For User CALs: Named User CALs 80 assigned (320 in license) so it shouldn't be to do with that?

Any help is greatly appreciated as me and my team really don't have a clue and are worried now that this will start happening regularly.

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Re: Users being removed from QEMC document authorization list

The DMS Authorisation list has nothing to do with CALs.  You could have far more DMS entries than CALs and it would just mean that the later users just couldn't get in, it wouldn't remove them.  From memory the DMS list is stored in the .meta file alongside the .QVW file in UserDocs.  Is it possible the file is getting corrupted some how?

It would also be helpful to know if you have Publisher or not and what Service Release of QV10.  Plan to upgrade to the latest SR if you've not done so already.

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