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Very Interesting QlikView problem!!!

Hi All,

I'm trying to pick your brains on how to process sensitive information on the server. Let me provide some information on our scenario:

  • We have a QlikView dashboard that is deployed via IE Plugin.
  • There is a data source inside the dashboard that contains very sensitive information, and this could be anything from Client account information to employee compensation. Lets keep it simple for now, and assume that this is a password protected excel file.
  • I would like my QlikView dashboard on the server to process this file. Basically, a user would enter a password in an input box in the dashboard and click on button that reloads the dashboard, I think a partial reload would be more useful since the user is concerned with only the sensitive information.
  • As a developer, I'm not authorized to see this information. Only the users are allowed to see the excel file, who know the password.

How do I go about this? I've just come across the fact that Document reload cannot be initiated from the vbscript if the document is rendered via IE Plugin, Thick Client. Any suggestions are welcomed. Please let me know if your require further clarification.



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