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Warnings while reloading


A customer has upgraded to version 9.0 and now gets the following messages in their log-files during reload of some scripts:

Warning The QlikView Engine working with document "XXX.qvw" is not responding.

The reload continues and finishes succesfully. It seams to be scripts that create QVD-files using the store-command. Has anyone else had the same problem and how can this be fixed?

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Re. :Warnings while reloading


I have the same problem but I don't succeed to fix it.

Is somebody has an idea ?



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AW:Re. :Warnings while reloading

This might be just normal. I have a qvw where an external VBScript (which runs a query against an Easy Archive Server) is being executed from within the QV-Script. This VBScript takes ca 15 minutes to complete - during this time the qvw is "not responding". I get this warning several times during the daily execution of this script, but after the VBScript has finished, the QV-script continues to execute flawlessly. I have never found any mistake. So, in such cases there's no need to fix because nothing is broken. I would say with creation of QVD-files it's the same thing.


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Re. :AW:Re. :Warnings while reloading

Reload works without any problem when I launch it manually from the local client. I have (sometimes) this error when I lauch the task from QEMC or when it's scheduled.

It's always while the creation of a QVD.

I did the test very soon, and my treatment is stopped for two hours to create a QVD which have 293 000 lines and 8 fields...

It's very strange...


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AW:Re. :AW:Re. :Warnings while reloading

Actually, the reload always will work without any problem in that cases, but the warning only comes when reloaded by the (Standard) Publisher. You might have a "not responding" in the title bar of QlikView when reloading manually. All in all, I'd not worry about it.