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WebTicket - DMS Failed open document.

Hi all.... I recently installed QV11.2 in 3 machines. Machine1 QVS, machine2 QVP and machine3 QVWS IIS7.5...... I tried to use QMS API... to open a document, but I have a problem using webTickets.... with DMS

Apparently I get the webticket... but when the document is opened I get two errors message:

***When I try to open with QvAjaxZfc: "You do not have permission to view this directory or page"

url: http://tcaWeb/qvajaxzfc/authenticate.aspx?type=html&try=tcaWeb/qvajaxzfc/opendoc.htm?document=pr.qvw...

***when i try to open with QvPlugin: "Failed to open document, You don't have access to this document"

url: http://tcaWeb/QvPlugin/opendoc.htm?document=pr.qvw&webticket=HFO+b8ZTGg8X0K1SuHmOJnztub6y3PxXneijFzI...

I have my IIS server with anonymous auth , the default web site with anonymus auth, also the app QvAjaxZfc with anonymous auth, and the webticket.aspx with windows auth ....

I think my C # code gets the webticket in a wrong way. Because when I concatenate it with a url I get that errors.

  1. QVSàtcaQvs
  2. QVPàtcaQvp
  3. QVWSàtcaWeb
  4. p.s. when I configure the document with "All users" permission, QvPlugin opens the document correctly, but this isn't that I want.

public static string getTicket(string User)


            string usergroups=@"";

            string QlikViewServerURL = "http://tcaWeb/QVAJAXZFC/GetWebTicket.aspx";

            StringBuilder groups = new StringBuilder();

            if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(usergroups))



foreach (string group in usergroups.Split(new char[] { ',' }))











            string webTicketXml = string.Format("<Global method='GetWebTicket'><UserId>{0}</UserId></Global>", User);

            HttpWebRequest client = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(new Uri(QlikViewServerURL));

            string uri = client.RequestUri.ToString();

client.PreAuthenticate = true;

client.Method = "POST";

client.AutomaticDecompression = DecompressionMethods.GZip | DecompressionMethods.Deflate;

            NetworkCredential myCred = new NetworkCredential("user", "pwd", "domain");

            CredentialCache myCache = new CredentialCache();

myCache.Add(new Uri(uri), "NTLM", myCred);

client.Credentials = myCache;

            var writer = new StreamWriter(client.GetRequestStream());



            var reader = new StreamReader(client.GetResponse().GetResponseStream());

            var xmlDocument = new XmlDocument();


            return xmlDocument.InnerText;


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