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Who can explain pricing and licensing for qlikview?

I have downloaded the personal version of Qlikview for my laptop and played with it for some weeks.

I have shown it's possibilities to the senior management team from our company and they are intersted in using it for their whole product range.

So we will be building some kind of datawarehouse and report from it for several users.

This can be users from our company, customers of us, but also 3rd party company's where we work with.

Can someone explain or point me to the information which explains the pricing and structure of qlikview?

If we create pages/documents in qlikview, I assume someone can login and see these screens on a web browser.

But can we also configure qlikview in such a way that we can indicate which fields or attributes specific users could change?

f.e. I create a datawarehouse and exist of 100 data fields, but I only show 20 of them to a user. I would like the possibility that the user can see an extra 10 fields and change the order of specific screens etc.

I hope someone can help me.

(I probably should also talk to someone from qlickview )

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Who can explain pricing and licensing for qlikview?


The traditional delivery model would include QlikView Server (Application Server), and some form of client license (Sesssion, Named, Document).

Alternatively you could use a product like QlikView Publisher to control the document reload process and distribute copies of the application via e-mail the your user base.  Publisher can also control the reduction of data, so users only have access to the data they are allowed to see.

Your best bet for understanding the pricing structure is contact Qliktech or a register partner.

Section Access can provide a way of limiting users to data within a single document.  There are several quality threads about this topic in the community.

Hope this helps,


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