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copy tasks by script

Hi all,

i want to setup a task with a special parameter.

This can be done by using the "Script Parameter" part at QMC->Documents->Source Documents->Reload-> Parameter name / Parameter value. Up to this Point no problem, but i have to do that for about 80 single QlikView Apps and at each new task the parameter name and value are the same. At this point I'm thinking about a script. Does somebody have done this before. Does somebody have Idea how to do this or does even have a idea to realize this.



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Re: copy tasks by script

I haven't done this (yet) but I know it must be doable via the Management API. Unfortunately, the right examples are still missing from this page: QlikView Management API - Getting Started and Examples

Maybe we can invite Joe Bickley for a comment on the availability of further examples?

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Re: copy tasks by script


thanks. Looks like i have to use c#, as you told already.

Did already some stuff with the API. Found this Re: QMS API Creating a new task .In combination with GetDocumentenTask(documentTaskID Guid, documentTaskScope) I think I will be able to find a solution.