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open remote QV app with VBS

Hi all,

when i try and open a QVW located on a remote host, the process seems to get stuck. I am using a very simple command in a VBS file (test.vbs), which is located on the same machine as the QVW:

Set MyApp = CreateObject("QlikTech.QlikView")

Set MyDoc = MyApp.OpenDoc("D:\Files\Sales.qvw")

When i run this on the machine that also hosts the QVW, it opens fine. But when i try the same thing from remote, i only see the QV.EXE in the remote host's task manager, but nothing happens after that. I would expect that my cmd window would exit the procedure call after the document is open, but instead in remains in a state that indicates there is still something happening....at least i cant type anything in it.

This is how i call the vbs from remote:

psexec \\REMOTE_HOST cscript.exe D:\VBScripts\test.vbs

Any idea what i am doing wrong ? Or suggestion on how to do this instead ?

Eventually i want to make a bunch of selections in this document and then export a few charts from it as XLS. The code is ready and works fins - but only when executed on the same machine...

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Re: open remote QV app with VBS

qv.exe requires a GUI desktop to run. psexec has a "-x" option to use the logon desktop, but the doc says it works for the local system only. I wonder if you can run a remote cmd that launches a local psexec with the '-x' switch?

Are you planning to run this on the QlikView server? Do you have Publisher?




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