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qlikview 64 bit mode

hi all, I'm trying schedule a vbs script which works fine within a 32 bit environment, but when it runs from windows scheduler in Windows Server 2008 it fails.

When i open a DOS prompt on win 2008, the script runs fine.

When i try to run the script from a schedule job if gets stuck at line 99 below:

line 98:Call LogInformation("0")
line 99:Set QV = CreateObject("QlikTech.QlikView")

I've tried all sorts of ways of trying to get the scheduler to rune this vbs in 32 bit.... but have not succeeded yet.

Any ideas? anyone? cheers.

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Re: qlikview 64 bit mode

Hi. There are a lot of threads in the forum about this.

You have run your job with "Run wether user is logged on or not"