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troubleshoot high memory consumption and resolution?


I have qlikview server and publisher installed on a machine and we have four other nodes with 196 GB memory each. On one of the nodes we have two customers and sometimes the memory usage reaches to 190 GB. My questions are

1) How to check the reason for the memory usage?

2) If the memory usage increase is because of caching, is there any solution for it? for example, set some caching settings so that it deletes previous cache and load new one so that the memory consumption does not reach high

3) When is the time when I should be left with only option to add more ram to the clusters?


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Re: troubleshoot high memory consumption and resolution?

Actually in a Server+Publisher environment, there are two causes of high memory usage:

  • Reload processes (QVB.exe) may need massive amounts of RAM when loading/joining/storing large QVDs. If run in parallel, of course this high water mark may rise considerably. The good thing about these processes is that they will release memory as soon as they don't need it anymore. The bad thing is that high memory usage in this scenarion experiences spikes that are difficult to intercept and may still cause reloads to fail. Use Windows Performance monitor to check for reload problems.
  • The QlikView server process (QVS.exe) will load QVW models in RAM and keep them there as long as they are being used. QVS actually serves as one gigantic cache. The good thing about this is that response times are very fast (for a well designed model on a suitable server/cluster). The bad thing about this is that QVS will NEVER release memory, unless you restart the service. You cannot easily control the QVS cache. See Maxim's post.

When you combine the two (intra-day reloads), and your memory usage reaches the upper limit, either one of them may fail to execute or to respond.

Check the size of your QVW applications. In desktop, load them with all data and store them on disk uncompressed. This will give you an indication of how much RAM they'll be using. Add 10% for every user that opens the same model. The community has lots of information and documents on how to calculate memory requirements for a QlikView server setup.


Oh and BTW which version of QVS did you install? Some older releases experienced lockups due to memory exhaustion when users started doing specific things in the AccessPoint.


Re: troubleshoot high memory consumption and resolution?


You can limit QlikView Server resources consumption by QMC: System - QlikView Servers - your server - Performance. Look at Working set block. These are the RAM usage range settings. When consumed RAM is near High value, QVS starts to delete older cache.

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