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12 month Rolling trend

How to get 12 month rolling trend from a date field in the script?

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Re: 12 month Rolling trend

If(DATEFIELD>addmonths(Today(), -12), 1) as Rolling12MonthsFlag

Then you can use Set Analysis with your new calendar flag field to only look at the rolling 12 months.

If you have future dates as well:

If(DATEFIELD>addmonths(Today(), -12) and DATEFIELD<=Today(), 1) as Rolling12MonthsFlag

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Re: 12 month Rolling trend

If there is multiple date fields which needs to be shown the 12 month trend

and how can we make use of variables up here?


process date

pending date

complete date

12 month trend to each field.

On Sun, Nov 25, 2012 at 11:53 PM, Johannes Sunden

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