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2 databases in 1 ODBC Source


i got one question and have no idea how to solve it.

My "main" aplication gets their Data from:


I have one "Source"(BMSDSN) and it always took the right information from where it should(xx_hr)

My problem is now, i need to "combine" 2 databases. Mean: I will take the tables from Database xx_hr AND yy_hr.

What do i need to write in the script to get those both Databases(one sheet xx_hr, 2nd sheet yy_hr)

I would appreciate any help.



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Re: 2 databases in 1 ODBC Source

i Thing one DSN will work if both databses are same i.e both sql server or both Oracle

we need to connect one time

and select two times.

other wise Create two DSN.

hope this

might work for you

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Re: 2 databases in 1 ODBC Source

Assuming your databases are not in SQL Server or Oracle or similar RDBMS you would need to:

Create a second ODBC connection to the other source for the YY database

If you are using an RDBMS like SQL Server or Oracle you have the ability in your select clause to fully qualify the path to your data. For example you can select data like

Select * from XX_HR   (assuming your connection defaults to the database the XX_HR table is in.

But you could specifically qualify your command like

Select * from DatabaseName.Owner.XX_HR or DatabaseName..XX_HR

But it all depends on your environment and you haven't provided any of that information. For all we know XX_HR is an Access Databae and YY_HR is some Flat File DB system.

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