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A question of Modelling with multiple fact tables? Need help or direction


I have what I think is a modelling issue. My current knowledge doesn't allow me to find a working and sustainable solution. I'm sure ou can help me find that solution, or at worst provide me direction to find it.

So here is my question.

I currently have the following model :


Basically, Target and ProductionInf would be fact tables and the others tables would be dimensions.

I need to design a graph that would look like the following which consists in comparing target value with actual production value:


My target is defined by location and month.

My production is defined by machine and every 10-minuts.

To do this graph I would need to join my target table to my calendar (the field OBJ_MONTH is a date).

Unfortunately, I have two different level of aggregation and a direct link would create a loop.

Do not hesitate to ask me questions if you think I was not clear enough.

I provide a QlikView app and source files with faked data in hope it will help for helping me.

Thanks for your help!!!


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