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AD Authentication via LDAP

Hi All - I'm in the process of trying to secure some of my QV documents.  I've been searching for some time now but can't seem to find any real help on how to authenticate an AD User Acct and Password?  From what I can see it seems that LDAP lookups can be performed on QV SERVER only, is this correct?

Is there anyway to do this from the QV Desktop Section Access script?

Also, on the Script window I see the option to Insert -> Section Access -> Publisher Authorization.  I'm then presented with an option to enter a URL to the Publisher Authorization table.  What is this?

Thanks all,


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AD Authentication via LDAP

Hi Simon,

I assume you are not using a QV Server, so you store your qvw files on a share and currently everybody can access them, right?

So you could use file based security (similar to what the QV server / publisher does) by setting appropriate access rights to the files / folders.

And as you already know, you could use section access to also control the access from within QV, i.e. QV will ask for credentials when opening the document, either by passing Windows credentials or via a dialog box.

Check this for an introduction to section access, it also covers the Windows authentication via NTNAME and NTDOMAINSID. Please take a look at the samples, too.


The document covers also how to perform initial data reduction based on section access, i.e. limit the visible data per user.

Hope this helps,


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