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AWS JSON example using AWS Android SDK


I'm looking for a simple AWS example that shows how you can make an API call to my ASP.NET Web API service hosted in Beanstalk, get JSON and parse it AWS Android SDK. I found several but they are specific to IOT or Cognito and do not show parsing. My service is in Beanstalk so it doesn't really matter as it will be just an API call being made. I will look into Cognito once I see parsing in action. Examples I find seem to be tied to other services from AWS that I'm not interested in, like IOT or Lambda.

I don't even know if Amazon SDK offers parsing - that is actually what I'm trying to find out. I hope it does as I do not want to have to manually parse every object.

New to AWS and exploring the innumerable services AWS provides and trying to find out the minimum I need to create an app

Thank You


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