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Honored Contributor

Active directory- last login & large numbers

Hi All,

I am trying to convert the last login time from AD into a date.

Obviously I appreciate its held in integer8, but that conversion seems to work OK.

The issue I have is that for some reason it is only working sometimes.... it has to be the data format but I can't figure it out at all!

Here are the various things I have tried, and below is a snapshot of the data which shows it weirdly working for some but not others:





        num(num#(LastLogon)) as num,

        left(LastLogon,9) as left,

        right(LastLogon,9) as right,

        left(LastLogon,9) & right(LastLogon,9) as combined,

        evaluate(trim(LastLogon)) as lastlogon,

        Div(LastLogon, 1e10) & Mod(LastLogon, 1e10) As aLongNumber,

        Timestamp(evaluate(trim(LastLogon)) / 864000000000 - 109207) as last_logon,

        Timestamp(evaluate(LastLogontimestamp) / 864000000000 - 109207) as last_logon_timestamp

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New Contributor III

Re: Active directory- last login & large numbers

Hi Adam,

"The lastLogon attribute is not designed to provide real time logon information.
With default settings in place the lastLogontimeStamp will be 9-14 days behind the current date.


Source: “The LastLogonTimeStamp Attribute” – “What it was designed for and how it works” - Ask the Directory...


Honored Contributor

Re: Active directory- last login & large numbers

Hi Janne,

Thank you  yes, I had read that but at this time we're not concerned as we're simply trying to identify users who have not logged in for over 90 days so the 9-14 day delay / disparity isn't too concerning

The concern here I believe is with the formatting of the data, unless that disparity is creating an un-convertable string?

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